Bye Xanga, Hello WordPress

by rheeb

This is gonna be one hell of a journey.  I guess I have to get over my perpetual hate for Times New Roman, because I’m too cheap to buy any upgrades to customize.  Welcome.  I’ve been blogging since I was sixteen, back in the days when blogging was new, fresh, and untainted.  I started off on, and my original blog, “Objects in the Rearview Mirror” is still there.  Once tBlog’s editor didn’t work for me any longer (age 17), I moved over to Xanga where I have had at least five separate blogs in the past nine years.  My main one, though, has always been private.  Through blogging, I have discovered a large portion of myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Now that Xanga is closing down, I have decided to make the switch.  I have chosen to have an open blog here.

I usually live a very detailed life in my mind.  I am the thinker of all thinkers, which, in the last few months, has been detrimental to my well-being.  Just some quick facts about me:

1. I am a Gemini and damn proud of it, until I’m not.

2. I’m a lesbian, and DAMN proud of it.  Thankfully, I’m never not (well…anymore).

3. I am 26, a college graduate, Phi Beta Kappa member, excellent and efficient in every way, and yet, I am unemployed.

4. As far as religion goes, I am open-minded, and by that, I mean that I really believe that all religions and paths have something to offer to humanity at large.  On a personal level, I believe in Jesus, but I do not identify as a Christian.  More about this topic will be discussed at length in future posts.

5. I do everything in my power to use pseudonyms both online and in my real life.  “Rheeb” is one of those pseudonyms.

Welp, here we go.