Brain on Butch

by rheeb

My eyes were given a delicious treat today.  We were walking to the checkout line in Food Lion, when I saw this big, seemingly butch woman who worked at the store standing at the end of the isle.  She seemed very self-assured, which I love.  Her hair was long, and her breasts were huge.  God, I love big boobs so much.  And then it happened.  Everything around me turned gray and started going in slow motion.  I could only see her in color standing next to the chips and talking trash with some guy standing next to her.  I imagined what it would be like to catch her eye.  I would smile, I told myself, smile and stare just a little bit longer than normal.  I would then look away, only to look back up at her playfully to see if I still held her attention.  It was a beautiful moment, imagining non-verbal flirting with her.  And then my mom said, “Uhm, hello?!  Aren’t you gonna put these groceries in the cart?”  And I snapped back to reality, realizing that yes, I was with my mother, and no, I would not be having any extended hot staring sessions with this butch.

I need to meet some older, single butches, and hopefully that day will come soon.

Song of the Day: Lights by Journey