Brain on Butch II

by rheeb

So, I went to Food Lion today–alone–and I was excited, because I was pretty certain that I would see that hot butch from last week.  Well, I did my shopping, got in line, and I still hadn’t seen her until I realized that she was checking people out in another line!  I was pissed that I didn’t see that sooner, so I vowed to myself that I would put my groceries in the car, come back into the store, buy something else, and make SURE to get into her line.  As I was walking back into the store, she was keeping herself busy by putting carts away.  I picked up some salmon burgers and headed to her line.  Her name tag said, “Pam.”  Another Pam!  She had a feminine, quiet voice, and although I was trying my best to smile and make eye contact with her, she paid me absolutely no attention.  I’m such a bastard, though, because I was so focused on her breasts that it’s possible that I missed her greeting.  And for real, her breasts are enormous–probably an E or an F.  I fucking love that.  They’re just…so big.  And it upsets me, because I think it’s totally unfair that I’m not the one who can…well…enjoy them.

Leaving, I was upset.  Butch Pam didn’t notice me at all.  But then I got a ray of hope, because hell, if I go to Food Lion every Saturday and end up in her line, then there is a chance that she may begin to notice me.  After a few weeks, I’d say, “Uhm, (innocently pointing to her name tag) ‘Pam’ is it?  Amazing, I end up in your line every week.”  And hopefully, something of interest can begin to happen (like she asks me out and I get to second base).  The funny thing about this is that I don’t know if she is gay, nor do I know if she is married, committed, religious, or even (massive gasp!) a Republican.  I swear, with a body like that, her being a Republican would be sacrilege!  She did have short nails, and she was wearing a terrible bra–two perhaps she may be lesbian signs.  She also has a presence about her that screams “not straight,” but hell, what do I know?

Song of the Day: Distant Lover by Marvin Gaye