Dreams from February

by rheeb

This is literally a post of my dreams from this month so far.

February 2 or 3, 2014:

I was on an Amtrak train with a group of people.  And there was this huge cow next to me on my right.  I wasn’t afraid of the cow, but I was afraid that it would fall on me and crush me since the train was rocking.

I ended up back home, and there was a big gorilla in the house.  It started in SuckaMC’s room, and it began chasing me.  I escaped to the bathroom and hid in the linen closet.  I tried to breathe very softly so he wouldn’t hear me.  I then ended up downstairs and he was still chasing me, so I went out the patio door into the backyard.  He followed, and then I ran back into the house, Jack (my dog) ran in after me, and then I slammed the door in the gorilla’s face.  I wasn’t afraid of the gorilla.  I was afraid of what he would do to me—his power, lack of control, etc.

February 3 or 4, 2014:

I was on a trip with a group of 20.  We stopped in a southern restaurant that resembled a Cracker Barrel but it was privately owned.  While there, the group leader decided to put on Fox News for all of us.  I rolled my eyes and he said, “Oh, so you’re an anti-conservative”  I said, “No, I’m an anti-whoever is against me.”

I ended up back in the hotel room, and it looked like a large, unfurnished condominium.  It had wall to wall carpet, a kitchen, and a large patio door.  I looked out of the patio door and I was mesmerized because I saw a beautiful beach.  I also saw, behind the beach, a string of tall, snowy mountains.  I also saw a perfect round sun, and the sky was gorgeous.  I was totally staring at it, completely immersed.  And then I said, “I have to put my feet in that water.  I just have to.”  So, I went over to my bag, and I realized that I only had one room key, so I decided to keep it in the room and just leave the patio door open for me to get back in.  I was absolutely determined to put my feet in the water.  And then the group knocked on my door.  I opened it and they were telling me that they were about to go somewhere as a group.  I said, “Go on without me.  I’ll catch y’all later.”  Then I said, “You know what, just go on and do whatever you’re going to do, even if that means going back home.  I will find my way home—don’t worry about me.”  And then I shut the door, determined to get to that water and at complete peace about being alone and finding my way back home.

February 5, 2014 dream:

Dream 1:

In two days, I was supposed to go on a cruise with my mom.  My sister wasn’t going and neither was my dad.  It was a Christmas cruise that my aunt had suggested.

I was laying in my room when I realized that the wall that the door is on had a long, missing drywall strip running east to west.  I was shocked.  Come to find out, the crew that put up the wall (and Tina Turner was apart of that crew) had plastered bad pieces of drywall together which is why I never knew how shoddy it was.  Now, at the same time, I looked up to the ceiling, and there was a brick-sized chunk missing.

I got up, went over to the wall, and effortlessly removed the remaining drywall.  Once I did, there were these huge, old spider webs handing there.  They had dust all over them.  I showed my parents the wall, and then my dad said he’d repair it.  I was super cautious and nervous because I was going on the trip in two days and I didn’t trust that he (or the drywall company) that he eventually hired would be competent enough to put the wall up.  I felt that I had to be there to watch them to see if it was done correctly.

Dream 2:

I had ordered an old Crazy Taxi Accessory from ebay.  It was a handheld device that looked like those old Tiger games from the 90’s.  Anyways, it was an accessory for the game which would show three numbers: kph, mph, and speed.  I was stoked that it came in, and all I needed to do was change the batteries.  I opened the back and it required like eight batteries, and they were all different sizes.  There was one AAA, a couple of AA’s, a couple of AAE’s and they were different in terms of their length and width.  They were also foreign batteries, and they were dead.  So I thought to myself, “How am I going to get these battery sizes?”

February 6, 2014:

I was at home with my mom, my sister, and my dad.  He was somewhere in the house with a construction crew.  SuckaMC and I had been in the garage (this was not in the dream, but we referenced it), and she found a row of elevator buttons still in the decorative shell.  We were amazed, because we didn’t know if the house had ever had an elevator in it.  So, we went to mom’s room, and we saw a new door next to her room door to the left.  I asked her what the door went to and she said, “Y’all go check it out if you want.”  She didn’t know, but she didn’t care enough to find out.  Anyways, I was super curious about what was behind the door.  Before I went in, I asked her why this large construction crew (full of Africans) was in the house.  She said, “When your daddy bought the house, he was so broke that the bank told him that they would never let up on having people in the house so they have been here ever since.”  I got hella loud and confused and I said to her, “Uhm, mom, that was years ago!  You pay the mortgage now!  Go and refinance so they can leave!”  She then laid there, non-chalantly and gave some lame excuse about how she didn’t want to get involved.

So, I was walking around the house, me and SuckaMC still looking for the elevator, and then we found it!  It was in some new part of the house on the second floor.  And it was beautiful.  It was old looking and had one of those dials that go front left to right showing you what floor it’s going to.  The dial went to number 5.  I was so excited to find it!  Like, I was amazed that it had been in the house for over twenty years and no one ever found it or even tried to look.  So, I said to myself, “I have to put this on facebook.”  In my mind, the status was going to be, “When you just happen to find a hidden elevator in your house…”  I took a picture of it with my tablet, and then the group of African’s came in behind me pushing me out of the way.  The first picture I took was bad, so I was gearing up for the second picture and they pushed me out of the way.  I started screaming, “Get off of me!”  Because this one African kept touching me.  I then pushed him off and he put up both of his fists and was like, legit gearing up to fight me.  Thing is, my dad was right behind him doing nothing but watching the whole thing.  And I wasn’t even offended.  Nor was I scarred, because I said, loudly, “I AM GOING TO CALL INS!  INS!  INS!  INS!!!”  And they all stopped messing with me and got real silent.

Thing with the elevator was, it was hidden and beautiful.  But it was also under repair.  I didn’t get on it, because I wasn’t sure if it worked.  Plus, the crew came in and they were supposed to be repairing the house.  In real life, I avoid elevators usually, unless I am with someone else.  I don’t like the thought of being stuck in one.  I usually take the stairs.

February 9, 2014:

I was out shopping at Target.  And I parked my car in the parking lot, but slightly far away.  I went into the store and it was kind of run down.  All the DVDs were bootleg.  It was wayyy ghetto.  Anyways, I paid for my stuff and as I went out to the parking lot, I couldn’t find my car—at all.  It wasn’t there.  I spent the rest of the dream looking for it.  I even went over Winny’s house (her parents weren’t there), and they told me that they saw the car in the past few weeks.  I was talking to them while they were in their bedroom.  Her mom was topless.  Then I ended up talking to Sapphire on the phone a year later who had apparently “borrowed” the car.  She said that she took good care of it and made sure her “friend” did too during a time when it wouldn’t start and her friend began to punch it.  I wondered why she didn’t just bring the car by my house since she knows where I live.  When she told me that it had been broken down for a year, I was so upset…sad and anxious, because I didn’t think it would be like my car anymore.

February 19, 2014:

It was nighttime, and I was in the backyard.  It was raining, and I could hear it, but I didn’t get wet.  I went into the gazebo, which was in the middle of the yard.  When I was in there, so was “Jade” (this girl I like who I’m friends with on Facebook), and I was flirting like crazy with her (and she was flirting back).  I remember me sitting down and telling her to sit on my lap.

Second part of the dream.  I was up the street at the grocery store.  It was still nighttime, and I was driving my car, or so I thought.  Thing about it was, it drove very funny and the brakes didn’t work.  I would try to reverse and go forward, but It was do a funny spin and seemed to drive on it’s own in odd directions throughout the parking lot.  There was a moment when I almost killed a guy because I couldn’t stop.  This was in front of the CVS.

Third part.  It was still night, and I was driving down Fundie Academy Road.  It was pitch black, and I couldn’t see anyone—I remember turning on my high beams, but they didn’t come on.  I saw that there were people standing in the road, and I just kept praying that I wouldn’t hit them.  I didn’t.  Anyways, I got to the end of going down to the point where you go up.  And then there were streetlights, which I was grateful for.  I tried to turn on my hazards, but I didn’t know if they were on or not, because everything was so dark plus I couldn’t hear the ticking.  Eventually, I got out of my car, which come to find out, was really a tricycle with a motor!  The “up the hill” part of the road suddenly had wooden steps on both sides of the road.  I saw Wets at the bottom fixing something.  Apparently, I was headed to a high school reunion.  I saw “Painge” (a girl from high school) walking up the road.  We spoke, but there were no niceties—not even in tone.  I walked my trike up the hill and ended up at the new building, but it looked like the old building inside.  We were all in the Multi-purpose room—everyone from every grade that was there when I was a senior.  So basically, the 9th grade on up during 2005 was in the room for the reunion.  My class had the table at the end.  I sat down with Staz (who looked just like he did in 6th grade).  He sat next to “Blue” (guy in my graduating class), who, of course, was sitting with “Pink” (girl in my class who dated Blue)—who looked like she’d gained weight (which I loved, because it felt like vengeance).  Painge was also fat.  None of us really spoke, and there were no niceties.  I was wearing all black and my hair was cut short as it is now.  We were facing the stage, and then I woke up.