This is a list of the people and places that I have mentioned on this blog.  As time goes on, more will be added to this list.

418 – Fourth grade music teacher, my first crush, daughter of AntiM

AntiM – Founder of Fundie Academy, wife of PS, and the person who got me hired at PFCM Bible College.

Becky – PS’s former secretary

Blue – Guy in my class in highschool who dated Pink

BBB – Woman on YouTube who I fell for so hard that I had to come out of the closet

the Boy – the boy who works at Food Lion

Burgandy – my friend from college

Butch Pam – A hot butch I like who works at Food Lion.

Cod – my mother

Chocolate Baby; CB – My former co-worker and close friend.

Dodge – male friend from high school

Fundie Academy – My school from 1991 to 2005, also under PFCM.

Grover – A faculty member at PFCM who used to give me money

Hawaii – Nark’s ex-wife

Hopelessness – my former supervisor who suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness.

Jackie – super hot butch I am friends with on Facebook; former partner of Suze

Jade – This girl who I’m friends with on Facebook who I flirt with online.  She flirts back.

Jonah – Winny’s younger brother

Jury – girl from high school who was gay; close friend

Madge – girl in high school with me–now gay, and best friends with Jury

Nark – my father

Nurse Pamela – The dental surgeon’s hot nurse.

Painge – Girl from high school who graduated with me.  She was a bitch.

Pink – Girl I grew up with at Fundie Academy.  She dated Blue.  We graduated together.

PFCM – Pentecostal Fundamentalist Church of Mammon, my former church; Hell

PFCM Bible College – The Bible College under PFCM; Hell

Porkchop – my fifth grade teacher

PS – Pastor of PFCM, and husband of AntiM.

RawDeal – Lady on AOL who first introduced me to being “ex-gay” when I was around ten years old

Rheeb – Me

Sapphire – former friend from high school who had a crush on me

Shant – ex-friend from college

Smoke – my former teacher (both in middle and high school), and my biggest crush in high school.

Staz – my closet male friend in high school.  He was also very gay.

SuckaMC – my sister

Suze – Facebook friend; former partner of Jackie

Strike – PS’s new secretary

Temptation – Smoke’s oldest son; Staz’s former lover in high school; currently married to a woman

Tea – Sucka’s Best Friend

Teresa – my cousin

Toots – my supervisor before Hopelessness.

Venus – loving myself fully and completely

Werk – Comptroller of PFCM, and best friend of PS.

Wets – Principal of Fundie Academy; my former teacher

Winny – My ex-best friend.